Chill Coaster was created by happenstance on a hot day when a couple of friends were hanging out enjoying some of their favorite beverages. One of the wives interrupted, as if a cliché was needed, to have her husband take the trash to the street side. When he returned, he found his drink was still as cold as when he had left it. Who thinks about a coaster??? Well he looked at it and saw a piece of natural stone and had a light bulb moment. Knowing that a simple granite coaster was not unique enough, one of the other friends suggested putting custom logos and designs on them. He had a way of creating and engraving personalized images and wording on granite. Combining the two was genius. Using top quality black granite and the best engraving machine in the industry, the team now creates coasters for gifts, novelties, and corporate promotional items. So much better than a pen, the Chill Coaster is a gift that allows you to continue to tell the story. Chill Coaster is a uniquely refined product that appeals to many people. It is not an item that goes in a drawer or put away in a closet. It rests on your desk or table and has an omnipresence, beyond all other gifts. You will use yours every day.